16 January 2016


2015 was really good for me as a blogger. Craving for Travel has already over 511,000 visitors and with every month more and more people read my blog. I'm really happy about all the positive comments you give me - below the post or in person and about all the little help from you (thanks for sharing and following me on social media). I guess that there's no better thing than do something what makes you happy and something which gives you a lot of satisfaction - that's what blogging means to me. 

Let's see which posts became your favourites in 2015!

I'm kind of surprised that from all the posts with amazing places you can visit, you like the one about me the most. Well, I guess that I should think about expanding my lifestyle category and wrtitting more personal posts. I'm glad that you want to get to know me better though.

I'm going to be really immodest now, because, to be honest, I like that one the most as well. I spent two amazing months there and I experienced one of the biggest adventures in my life. It was my first longer trip and first time when I was working abroad. I think that my stay there also changed me as a person and taught me a lot.

I love looking for inspirations when it comes to Christmas / Birthday gifts, that's why I was really excited about writting that post. Now you know what your friends who love travelling want and dream about!

I always try to give you as many tips as I can from my own experience. I know that travelling as a student is not always easy - you need to plan your trips wisely and look for the best bargain. Believe me, sometimes I'm also so fed up with studying and being too long in one place, but on the other hand I know that my education is the most important thing now and as long as I am doing pretty good at school my travels are better. Just look for the best opportunities and travel as much as you can now!

2 days in New York City sound really crazy when I think about it, but, as you can see, anything is possible. I know, I still have a lot to explore in NYC and someday I will be back there, but I'm glad that I was able to see at least a little part of that legendary place.

Do you have your own favourite post on my blog? I'm open to hear about it!


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