28 November 2015


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New York City is one of the most populated and culturally diverse cities in the world - people speak in about 800 languages there! It is also a place of business, sciene, media and art development. In two days I saw only little part of this town. My stay there was fast and crazy, so does NYC. NYC is a dream for many travellers. No wonder - who doesn't want to have a walk down all of the streets known from movies and experience his own American dream?

21 November 2015


The other day I noticed that something has changed in my life. I appreciate calm places where time goes slowly more now even if I used to escape from them not so long time ago. Well, I can't complain about my life in Warsaw, because there's always something to do, but sometimes I'm just tired of being in a rush all the time. When you live in a huge city you don't have a choice - you need to live fast. People literally run everywhere and you run with them. Sometimes I just need a relax, to slow down.

17 November 2015


In three weeks I will be on the road again. To be honest I didn't plan any trips now to save more money for something bigger in the summer, but who knows - maybe the best choices are unexpecting. This time I chose the capital of the country I've always wanted to go - the city of Oslo. It will be my second time in Scandinavia. I feel excting to be out of my comfort zone again. To be around people I've never seen in my life before, explore new places I already know from photographs and listen amazing stories about them. I can't wait to visit one of these Cafés that Norwegian people meet in the morning and start my day slowly reading the news and drinking my favourite coffee. Then, try some Norwegian cuisine. I don't know why but I have a feeling that I'm going to love Oslo - the atmosphere, the landscape and the climate.

15 November 2015


Being in Paris you have to be sure that you will visit one of the best known place in French history and the symbol of the system of absolute monarchy - Château de Versailles. Every year over 10 milion people go there to see stunning architecture, find out more about the history and enjoy their time outisde of Paris. I hope that my guide will help you to spend your day there in the best way!

11 November 2015


Whenever I talk with those who had their time as a student a long time ago, I heard that I should do everything I can to use my time as a student in the best way. I'm twenty one years old, I have plans, dreams and my whole life ahead of me. There will be time for settle down - being the perfect housewife, wife and mother! Being a student is the best moment in life for travelling, but on of the downsides of a student's life is also an empty wallet. So how can you explore the world while being a broke student?

6 November 2015


Years of travelling taught me really important and useful rule - less is more, especially when it comes to make up. I would say that I don't care about my look during my trips, but it is not true. Even when I travel abroad to the places where nobody knows me, I still need to feel comfortable with myself. The secret is to learn what to bring to feel that way and keep natural look.

1 November 2015


Berlin is one of the cities that you can't avoid being in Europe. It's full of interesting historical places where many important events for world took place. Believe me, even if you're not a big fan of history, you will love that! Berlin also has a modern side with amazing architecture and different types of entertiment. Everyone can find there something interesting. Here's my list with places you should definately explore during your stay in Berlin!