28 November 2015


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New York City is one of the most populated and culturally diverse cities in the world - people speak in about 800 languages there! It is also a place of business, sciene, media and art development. In two days I saw only little part of this town. My stay there was fast and crazy, so does NYC. NYC is a dream for many travellers. No wonder - who doesn't want to have a walk down all of the streets known from movies and experience his own American dream?

As soon as I left my luggage in a hotel room I decided not to waste my time and I went to Time Square. My clock showed almost midnight and I was pretty tired after 24 hours on tour without sleeping, but I just couldn’t resign from seeing an icon of New York City that night. Epecially that Time Square was located only 5 minutes from my hotel! When I got there the thousands of commercials were glittering in front of my eyes and I still couldn’t believe that I stand there with many other people, in the middle of the place I used to know so well from the movies. Of course after that I was too excited to fall asleep, but who wouldn’t be?

On the next day I woke up really early and I went to SoHo district to do some paper work and take part in the orientation day with other Work and Travel participants. It would be a shame to be there and not to enjoy the moment for a little bit longer so I went to a charming bakery for my first coffee and something to eat. In 60’s and 70’s SoHo was a district of artists and the heart of jazz music. There were organized many performances, poem’s evenings and jazz concerts. Nowadays still many art galleries are located there, especially one of the most famous New York’s museum – New Museum of Contemporary Art. 

Probably exploring stations is not something typical that people do during their travels, but Grand Central, the biggest railway station in the world, is absolutely worth seeing, so it was my next stop on the map. Currently there are a mall and many restaurants and it also became a popular meeting spot. Of course I took a “famous” picture there that every tourist needs to have!

  Picture was taken by Zuzanna A.

In the afternoon, after few hours of walking I just needed a rest. Central Park, located in the centre of Manhattan, was the perfect place for some laziness. I really regret that I didn’t have more time to stay there longer, because it was literally my favourite place in NYC and one of the most beautiful park I’ve ever seen in the middle of a big metropolis. The creators of Central Park wanted to make the place of the rest for New Yorkers that’s why this park if full of trees and many differents paths. People can play sports and take a break from the big city life there. 
Any time is good to visit Empire State Building, the highest building in the city, and see the panorama of New York City. The building is definately an American icon. When the weather is nice it's possible to see five other states from observation decks - New Jork, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Massachusetts!

 Picture was taken by Zuzanna A.

Last stop was Broadway – the street perfect for lovers of culture and entertainment. There are many theatres where you can see world famous plays and musicals. One of my biggest dreams is to see The Lion King someday! 

Two days is not enough time for New York City for sure. As I said in the last post I didn't like it so much, but to be honest I still have a lot to see there and I know that someday I will be back in the city that never sleeps.

Would you like to visit New York City?


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