11 November 2015


Whenever I talk with those who had their time as a student a long time ago, I heard that I should do everything I can to use my time as a student in the best way. I'm twenty one years old, I have plans, dreams and my whole life ahead of me. There will be time for settle down - being the perfect housewife, wife and mother! Being a student is the best moment in life for travelling, but on of the downsides of a student's life is also an empty wallet. So how can you explore the world while being a broke student?

Have you ever dreamt of study abroad? That's your chance to do it - just check what your univeristy offers you and go!

The times when hostels were associated with a mess are gone. Nowadays hostels offer us pretty good conditions and low prices.

If you want to sleep for free - forget about it, it's not for you. Mainly, couchsurfing gives us an opportunity to meet new people and share the culture. Accommodation is like an extra benefit. The most important thing - you don't have to be scared. People are really open. They can offer you a tour around the city and nice company.

Seasonal work
If you want to spend your holiday somewhere that is hot, cool and nice - take an animator course! You can also collect strawberries in Scotland or in the Nerherlands. There's plenty of ways and possibilities.

Internship abroad
Enjoyable and useful. You can acquire experience which helps you to build your future career and also know the city where you are better. Not every internship is for free. What is more, there are a lot of programs and organisations which help students in searching for it (something like "Work and Travel", but connected with your faculty). If you're a students of the economy faculty, your opportunity is better - there are the most internships abroad for pay.

"Like" fanpages on Facebook with cheap flight offers and maybe you will find something affordable. For instance national flights for less than 3 dollars with Ryanair!

I've never tried this way of transportation, but I know people who did it and they enjoyed it. Remember that in some countries it's illegal (for example in the USA)! 

If your budget is not so big and you want to travel anyways - stop spending your money on unnecessary things (my post about how to save money is available here).

Do you travel a lot as a student?




  1. No offense but if you're planning to be a housewife (stay at home and never work - just marry a rich guy) why bother wasting money on school.

    1. I advise you not to judge people after one sentence. Read "about me" and you will find out what I would like to do in life ;)