15 November 2015


Being in Paris you have to be sure that you will visit one of the best known place in French history and the symbol of the system of absolute monarchy - Château de Versailles. Every year over 10 milion people go there to see stunning architecture, find out more about the history and enjoy their time outisde of Paris. I hope that my guide will help you to spend your day there in the best way!

Let's start from some useful tips

Wake up early.
Château de Versailles is one of the most popular attraction for people who visit Paris that's why you need to be ready for crowds and big lines. If you don't want to waste hours for waiting, force yourself and go there at dawn. Maybe you will be lucky and you will be first in the line!

How to get there?
The town of Versailles is located 20 kilometers outside of Paris, on the surburbs. Get to the RER C station by metro (Les Invalides stop) and then get on a train which goes to Versailles Château/Rive Gauche.

Warning: buy return ticket to Paris in advance in order to avoid huge lines later.

The best way of moving there.
Town of Versailles is huge, so it's not always easy to walk from one place to the other. In my opinion good option is to rent a bike (you can do Fat Tire Bike Tour there).

Warning: if you're under 26 and you're also an European Union citizen you can see big part of Château de Versailles for free!

What you should see there

Marie Antoinette's Hamlet was a little cottage where Marie Antoinette used to hide from the hustle and bustle of her daily life in palace. She was a lover of calmness and peace that's why she spent there most part of her day.

Le Petit Trianons is located a little bit further from the palace. The building, built in 1768, was Marie Antoinette's property. It was a place of her relax and shelter from her obligations.

Gardens of Versailles is the most beautiful place in Château de Versailles for many people and the most famous garden in the world designed by Andre Le Notre. There are many amazing sculptures, orangery, parterrs and fountains.

Hall of Mirrors used to be a place where Louis greets his guests. At present a big collection of art is located there. Absolutely stunning!

What else you can do in Château de Versailles

The town of Versailles is a great place for picnic. You can take a break from sightseeing, sit on the grass and enjoy the moment with croissants, baguette and good coffee.

Fates Galantes.
Every year on 1st of June the Palace of Versailles goes back in time. It is the best opportunity to experience masquerade ball with baroque dancing, costumes and music in the Hall of Mirros.

You can find out more here.


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