28 September 2015


Sometimes people ask me how I afford my travels. I have to say that I'm not always travellling (I still have my studies and things to do in Poland), but when I do, I try to save as much money as I can. There's some tips how to save money for your travels.

1. Find a job.
You don't have to look for a job in a huge company. You can start with something easier like delivering fliers. You will not be rich, but you will definately find a way to be closer to reaching your financial goal. I know, if you have money, you want to spendit immediately, but maybe you'd better save it and wait for the right moment to spend.

2. Sell clothes you don't need.
People love to keep unnecessary things "just in case". I understand - memories, sentiments, but maybe your life wouldn't change so much if you sold a t-shirt which you haven't worn in 5 years. Look at the benefits - more money in your wallet and more space in your wardrobe.

3. Stop eating and drinking out.
Ok, I understand that there's some people who can't live without Starbuck's coffee, but maybe it's worth learing how to make coffee at home and buy a good thermic mug - just in case you don't want to fall asleep during boring lectures. If you HAVE TO eat and drink out, just set a limit - once a week, but don't do it everyday if you want to save even a few dollars more per month.

4. Let's start a money box.
When I was in the USA, I had a lot of coins in my wallet. What a shame, but I didn't notice the difference between a 10 cent and a 5 cent coin, so I decided to start my own money box, made from a mug. A few days before coming back to Poland, I went to the bank to exchange my coins and I was really surprised, because it turned out that I saved almost 30 dollars! I'm sure that if I hadn't done it, I would have been really broke.

5. Learn to buy only necessary things.

During my first year of studying, I never made a shopping list, that's why I used to buy things I didn't need like different type of pasta or chocolate I didn't like. With time I learned to think about my shopping before. So now, I always have a sheet of paper in my hand whenever I go shopping. I try to buy what I really need.

6. Use discounts.
My sister is a master of using discounts. Unfortunately, I'm not like that and I always forget to make my life easier. But to be honest. I regret when I know that I could have bought someting cheaper...

7. Use a public transport.
If you have a car, just start using public transportation whenever you can. It's usually cheaper and faster. If you like being eco - use a bicycle. Think of all the calories you can burn!

8. Go to the cinema on Wednesdays.

If you really like going to the cinema and you can't imagine not watching movies on the big screen, but you know that the cinema is expensive - start going there on Wednesdays (at least in Poland it's cheaper then). Usually students pay around 5 dollars each. There's also some small cinemas where you can always buy cheaper tickets, but unfortunately the movies there often aren't brand new.

9. Find easier solutions.

The world will not come to and end if you spend a few nights in a hostel instead of a 5-star hotel or if you choose cheap airlines. Ok, do whatever you like! I'm the type of the person who would rather resign from luxury in order to do something that is more pleasurable. Anyways, if you're young and your parents pay for you, they will be glad to have more money in their wallets.

10. Have less parties.

I know, it's hard to resist having fun, but let's think about how much money we spend during every party. Have you ever spent more money than you wanted to? Well. the truth is that parties are expensive!

How do you save money for travels?



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