23 September 2015


People say to travel is to live. If you don't travel, you block your opportunity to explore everything that the world can offer you. What are you waiting for? I hope that my reasons will be good motivation for you to get your ass off the couch and start discovering the most amazing places on our planet.

1. Travel broadens the mind.
Even if you travel by pointing your finger to a spot on the map. If you travel, you change your way of thinking and you learn new facts in many fields - geography or politics are not so unknown to you then.

2. Travel helps you to meet new people.
In spite of appearances people are really open and ready to help foreigners, it's not a problem for them. Meeting new people, you have a good chance to get to know their culture or habits better or just spend time with them in a nice way. Moreover, you can visit their country and invite them to your whenever you want.

3. Travel helps to learn language.
There's no better place to learn a language then being in the country where people speak it everyday. What is more, you can learn phrases and words which you won't find in textbooks.

4. Travel allows you to try the cuisines of the world.
Obviously you won't eat better pizza than in Italy and you won't try a better prepared moussaka than in Greece.

5. Travel brings incredible adventures.
Coming back from travelling you carry the luggage of experiences and memories, not always found in the pictures. Every place has a story and it will always be in your mind.

6. Travel helps to manage with fears.
When you travel you leave your comfort zone. You experience a world which is totally different than your routine, that's why you can have some anxieties. I'm a supporter of the theory that nothing is better than to be thrown in at the deep and.

7. Travel makes us closer.
Travel is a little bit like renting an apartment together. There's no better possibility to get to know someone, if you don't already share difficult moments of daily life together. During travelling together you can see features and behaviors of a person that you had no idea about before.

Why do you travel?



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  1. I travel because it's something I've done with my family my whole life! Traveling humbles you and let's you see how differently people live all across the world.