10 February 2016


There is one place in Berlin where you can travel the world - you can be in Japan, Australia or Mexico in one hour or little more. How? You have to visit the third biggest Botanical Gardens in the world, just in Berlin.

After few days of pretty intense sightseeing, biking tour and exploring, I just needed some rest in a peaceful, quiet and relaxing area, that's why I decided to spend half day around nature from all over the world. Really, there's no better thing than little jungle in the big european capital! Don't get me wrong - sometimes I just like to reset my mind from the hustle and bustle of the city. To be honest that's one more thing I love about Berlin - there are so many possibilites for different types of activities! 


The garden is located in the Lichterfelde district, little bit further from the main attractions of Berlin. The easiest way to get there is to take a S - Bahn and leave at Botanischer Garten station and then walk about 10 minutes to your destination.


The Berlin Botanical Garden was established in 1905. The originator, Adolf Engler, wanted to create "the whole world in one garden" and that's what he did. The garden occupies the area of 43 hectares and has about 22 thousands of different plants from all over the world. Nowadays, the Botanical Garden belongs to the Free University of Berlin and is a learning institution.


One of the advantages of Berlin's Botanical Garden is really good price. Tickets cost:
  • 2,50 euro for adults
  • 1,50 euro for students

The main attraction there is the Tropenhouse, one of the world's biggest green houses contains, for instance, tall trees with epiphytes growing on them, lianas, some plants from the deserts of southern Africa, variety of tropical ferns and many others. 

You can also take a walk around outdoors area and admire little world in over 30 hectares. What is interesting - the garden is never off-season!

Depending on the season there are also many different types of events such as concert.

If you ever were in Berlin, remember not to skip that place! I can guarantee that even if you're not big plants and nature lover, you would love that!

Would you like to be there?


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